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Psychological Aspects Of Education And Training

In today’s age of science, technology, and modern media where life has become much easier. Today, it has become difficult for parents to pay their dues. Training children is a very patient, long-term, and full-time job, a continuous effort spanning months, not months. It requires a lot of time from parents with patience, endurance, and endurance, that parents spend time with their children from their various engagements, because if the relationship with the children will be established. So the training process will be easier and more efficient. The baby is like plastic. Shape it like that. The same will be the impression, and the impressions of childhood are deep and lasting. These are indelible impressions, which do not leave a person in old age.

However, parents will also be held responsible for their children’s misdeeds. Parents should honestly consider their behavior. What a child develops is more about his environment and parental training than heredity.

Below are some helpful suggestions regarding child psychology?

Physical development:

With the mental development and education of the child, his physical health should be well taken care of, because Sound mind is in a sound body. A healthy mind is a healthy body. Children can also get sick as a result of neglect. An old man says that health is the best clothing, and ignorance is the most painful disease.

Getting used to hard work:

Children should be made accustomed to hard work. Let it be established in their minds that there is a blessing in action. Constant movement is the name of life. As long as the water continues to flow. It stays fresh and fresh, otherwise, it stinks.

Avoid laziness:

Laziness is a universal disease. Which is a sim killer for health? People with disabilities suffer from disabilities and suffer from a variety of illnesses. In this way, they lose their health and never recover.

Language development:

Children will be taught speech and manners similar to those in childhood. They will continue to follow this path all their lives. In order to improve the language of children, polite and good communication should be done in front of them, good words should be chosen. The child’s environment should be clean, pure, and good. The Arabs understood the fact that a favorable environment was needed for the eloquence of language. That is why they used to send children to the tribal and rural areas for eloquence. If children need to be taught other languages, a conducive environment should be created for them as well. So that other languages ​​will be easier to acquire. Anyway, the Direct Method is more effective and efficient for language teaching.

Children should also be made aware of the palace when talking and talking, when, how, where, and what to talk about, and when silence is better. The inculcation of silence is also an important and fundamental point. And there is a difference of opinion between the two, which is usually overlooked.


The substance of curiosity is present in every human being. Children have a lot of curiosity. The child wants to know the details of each event and item. The desire to know is present in him, and he is always in search of something. This is the substance that helps to move forward and develop. It should be used usefully and positively. The child should never be scolded or asked to ask a question.

Practical field selection:

It is important to be aware of the child’s psychology. Education should be arranged for the parents keeping in view the abilities and interests of the children. Our country is crowded, we decide the future of our children by watching others. For example, with the advent of the computer age, every child seemed to want to enter the computer field. This is a very wrong attitude, taking into account the desires, interests, and individual differences of the children if the practice field will be chosen. The child will succeed in this with passion, passion, dedication, and hard work, otherwise, they will pass the time under the pressure of the parents, but they will not be able to achieve any prominent position in this field.

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