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Schools Are Closed, So How Do You Keep Your Children Busy And Close To School?

Even if the children are at home, the parents want their routine not to be bad and to go to school and spend an important part of the day studying and doing something positive, but in the current situation, while the risks of coronavirus Visible children have been in the house for a long time and most of their routine goes through TV, mobile or stubborn parents. So in this case, it is suggested to the parents, how they can keep their children busy.

Engage Children In Art:

Many children love art and craft, some are interested in sports, and some don’t care about the world of mobile. In that case, bring your child’s hobby, and give him or her a lot of importance. For example, if the girl is interested in art, then bring home pots and good paints. Ask the child to paint on the pots by looking at it from his mobile phone or at his own will and then you plant it with his own hands. This activity will help him to recognize his potential and at the same time, his home decor will be important.

 Have Children Do The Housework:

This is the best time to train children properly. Put your daughters on duty, as well as your sons, to do the housework and teach them regular cooking, cleaning, dressing, and so on. Reward them sometimes for their work and organize a regular cleaning week, where all siblings and parents compete together for the best cleaning.

Love Promotes The Ability To Learn:

Children are thirsty for the love of their parents. When children are brought up in love, they feel safe. In such an environment, they will talk freely, ask questions, and acquire knowledge with enthusiasm. Parents love their children, they communicate with them regularly and are also interested in their education. Parents play a key role in this. ”When parents cooperate with teachers, they are able to increase this interest even more. The book also states,“ Learning in children. There can be no more important thing in maintaining the desire of parents and teachers to help each other in helping children. ”

Have Discussions, Not Lectures:

Parents can also improve their children’s ability to learn, a book in English tells Brain, that when five families were examined, it was found that “children whose parents have been with them for the first three years.” Used to talk a lot they were far more intelligent than the children. His parents rarely talked to him. In fact, parents who communicate well with their children, give them more praise, answer their questions, guide them instead of commanding them, and teach their children new words. “Do you talk to your children regularly?

Love Is Patient And Kind:

Children differ from each other in terms of abilities and talents, but parents should not love one child more than another because of this. Sadly, nowadays a person is valued according to his abilities. That is why the book describes the ability to think and learn (English), that “most children assess their importance by their successes.” Such children are not only “afraid” of failure. They also face severe anxiety and stress. The number of young people committing suicide in India has tripled in the last three years. They are under pressure, and their families do not understand their plight.

Be Supportive and Encouraging:

It involves adhering to the standards found in God’s Word. There are many benefits to doing so. One of the benefits is that we value education. But we will not give it the first rank in life. Take the example of arithmetic. There are definitely benefits to learning this knowledge, but by acquiring it, we will not become good human beings.

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