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Teachers’ Knowledge of Student Psychology Guarantees Successful Teaching

In the ancient educational system, teachers used to consider only teaching methods as a means to further their knowledge and information. The educational needs of the students, their mental abilities, acquired attitudes, tendencies, and tendencies were of no importance in the ancient education system. The old education system had nothing to do with the mental and psychological problems of the students. The way evolution and revolution shook the values ​​and perceptions of the times. In the same way, the changes of the times have had a profound effect on the education system and ideology and the field of teaching and learning.

How do Teachers use Psychology in the Classroom?

In the modern education system, awareness of the psychology of students has been made essential for the efficient conduct of teaching and learning. Knowledge of student psychology makes the art of teaching science. Academic research and observation have revealed many psychological factors and facts that affect acquisition. For effective teaching, it is important for a teacher to know who and what he is teaching. Record your performance in the classroom. Important elements such as students’ level of memory (grasping power), educational attitudes, comprehension, and behavior should be given priority in the teaching process. Kasarkhel Histology, a modern educational theory, considers it necessary for teachers to be aware of student psychology. He emphasizes the importance and usefulness of psychology.

What is Effectiveness in Teaching?

According to Histology, “for the continuous development and growth of children, it is essential that teachers thoroughly assess the mental level and abilities of the students.” Many external and internal factors affect the mental performance of children. Psychological attitudes are nurtured under the influence of thought. While moonshine is conducive to the acquisition, it can adversely affect some acquisitions. Knowledge of students’ mental level and psychology is extremely helpful for teachers in guiding and guiding students in times of trouble, problems, confusion, and needs.

Awareness of student psychology helps teachers to understand the following.

  • Familiarity with psychology allows teachers to successfully analyze students’ needs, goals, mental inclinations and tendencies, aspirations, and the factors that affect learning by changing the emotional attitudes that occur in them.
  • Awareness of psychology can lead to an accurate assessment of students’ individual personality and their complexities, and cognitive measures can be taken. Teachers equipped with psychology can guide children’s acquisitions in the right direction by modernizing their abilities.
  • Awareness of children’s psychology can protect the acquisition process from the harms of mental and emotional disturbances, and a comprehensive strategy can be devised to prevent it, which will overcome the acquisition problems.
  • Familiarity with children’s psychology creates a healthy and strong bond between teacher and student. The learning process can be further enhanced with the encouragement of students.
  • By being familiar with the psychology of children, teachers can not only overcome educational backwardness but also solve the problems of students with educational disabilities.
  • Teachers who are aware of students’ psychology can develop a successful teaching strategy, keeping in mind their mental levels.
  • At the same time, it is possible to prevent the factors that harm the acquisition of passion, the elements that prevent them from adapting to the situation through timely counseling. When teachers are well acquainted with the psychology of children. Circumstances, issues, and events that promote undesirable attitudes can be addressed by reviewing them. And it is only when we are aware of the psychology of the students that we are able to replace the disliked attitudes with the desirable ones.

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