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How do You Teach Characterization

To say that we are moving towards progress, but if you think with a cold heart, mind, you will be forced to tell the bitter truth, that we are rapidly declining. As a nation, our morals, our thinking, our actions, say that everything is uncontrollable. A nation’s training grounds are elementary school schools, from where a child’s personality begins to develop. Western countries have paid special attention to this important aspect because I have had the opportunity to stay out of the country for government affairs and I have been living in Germany with my family, where I gave my daughter my primary education. Entered school near home.

How do you teach Characterization?

It really helped me understand why a child’s training and education is important from the beginning. The system there is that all children five years of age or older must be enrolled in a nearby school. The first day of school is very important for the child. He is given all kinds of gifts, and the school bag is full of chocolates and other food items. The school principal and teacher greets the children at the gate. Then the parents and teachers drop the child off at the schoolroom. The child is so happy with this short ceremony, that he does not insist on going back with his parents, that I also have to go back home. Boxes are reserved for children in a large closet, on which each child’s name is written.

Every day, after school hours, every child comes home with his bag in the same box. It does not happen that a bag of fifteen to twenty kilos is hung on the shoulders of an innocent child, and if his class is on the first floor, he climbs the stairs with that weight and reaches the classroom. Class teachers are spared, but Ph.D. teachers are deployed in elementary classes. Good manners, good speech, good clothes, and smart teachers are responsible for the training and education of children. The concept of beatings is not in the education system there. Love is given full attention to every child.

How do you teach Characterization in School?

At school, children are taught to use toothbrushes and toothpaste to clean their teeth. Lunch is placed on the dining table and food is taught with etiquette. Then each child is given individual attention to clean hands and clean the mouth. Education and training continue in sports. Children are told that we are responsible people of our country, children never eat toffee and throw the rapper on the road or sidewalk. They will throw the rapper in the dustbin. Children are told to come and go in the classroom, not to push, but to form a line and come with discipline. Even in games, care must be taken not to hurt anyone.

The Practical Training Of The Children:

Games are played according to the rules of the game. Children are also trained to cross the road. They are told about the signal lights, how the road is used on the red yellow and green lights. At school, children are trained with dummy lights. Then one day it becomes practical. The concerned police officer is informed in writing that for the practical training of the children, the children will carry out practical demonstrations of crossing the road with the teachers from time to time. Therefore, the police officer himself will be present at the signal near the school. The children will stay at the red light with the teacher.

Keep Learning Manners:

Ready on the bridge and cross the road at the green light. They find out why these colored lights have been installed. This is to prevent accidents and to keep traffic flowing with discipline. Similarly, in school, children are taught about swimming, music, and health care along with education. Every habit of the child, his behavior with other children, his manner of speaking, his interest in learning, his participation in other pursuits.

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