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The Importance Of Education And Our Indifference

It is the teaching that gives man consciousness and raises him from the lowest to the highest. The first institution of higher learning in Europe was founded by Plato in Greece. But later, in 330 BC, the Egyptian city of Alexandria became a center of learning, and was called the “cradle of wisdom.”

Why is Social Development Education Important?

The fact is that the main purpose of education is self-knowledge. It is a bridge between man and his being, the establishment of which begins the process of renewal and refinement of man’s personality, and then man’s personality begins to reach the heights of spirituality. For God has said, He who knows his own soul knows his Lord.

When a human being becomes adorned with the adornment of education and acquires a selfish and self-centered personality, then his environment also paves the way for dialogue. After that, the man can also emerge as a proud source of creation and renewal. Such educated people give birth to civilize societies, and then in the flower garden of educated societies, fragrant flowers like Imam Ghazali, Allama Iqbal, and Maulana Maududi bloom. Individuals are the representatives of the times. Therefore, in the societies where the above-mentioned intellectuals, researchers and inventors do not emerge, those societies become stagnant.

Why is it Important to Teach Children Education:

In educated societies, the natural instincts of individuals turn into good morals. Belief, belief, purpose, and the importance of initiative are high qualities that make the lives of educated people meaningful and creative. The second goal of the national education system should be to not only preserve and benefit from our cultural heritage, scientific traditions, cultural ornaments, and high values but also to take a critical look at the changing environment and conditions. Fill in the color accordingly. The process of creative reconstruction is urgently needed.

Physical And Spiritual Knowledge:

Both physical and spiritual knowledge is very important for a balanced personality. The negation of the physical sciences leads to monasticism or escape from the world, and the distance from the spiritual sciences pushes us towards savagery or inhuman tendencies. Therefore, both of these are very important for the balanced development of human beings. Our education system should be in line with our own culture, historical traditions, and our view of the universe. Imitation of any other system can be fatal. We spend all our energies in pursuit of our economic well-being, and when we have a lot of wealth, unlimited property, and abundant resources in our hands, we are content to call our lives successful. But we forget that economics is only a means of livelihood and not a purpose of life.

Indifference in teaching and the Impact on Academic:

Awareness of all the above can be revealed through education, but even after obtaining academic credentials, if a person is unable to understand the purpose of life and is incapable of peeking into his spiritual windows, then he should be considered illiterate. There is no proper training of teachers and there are only religious madrassas for poor and helpless children, in many of which there is no scope for physical education at all. Large English medium schools lack Islamic education. The condition of government educational institutions is unsatisfactory. Not just many school buildings, sometimes inadequate staff, sometimes too many.

Improvement in Human Condition Through Better Knowledge:

Our education is Subject-based, not Concept-based, that is, we remind children of subjects. There is no emphasis on the lessons and philosophies contained in that article. The teacher pays no attention to skill development, meaning that when we teach a lesson if we prefer discussion over lecture, the child’s self-confidence, choice of words for his argument, the etiquette of disagreeing with others and One of the aims of education is to develop the skills to acquire Speech Space without hurting the feelings of the other person during the discussion.

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