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Tips to Help Deal with the Education Crisis

Below are some tips to help the country out of the education crisis.

To ensure continuity of acquisition (learning) in public schools, colleges and universities, it is important to adopt open source digital learning solutions and learning management software. So that teachers can conduct online teaching in an organized manner. The DIKSHA platform, which is accessible to all states in India, needs to be further strengthened. To ensure access to education and learning for students.

There is a need to find comprehensive solutions to the learning problems of all students, especially the most vulnerable and backward classes. The number of mobile internet users in India is growing rapidly, and is expected to reach 85% of households by 2024. The use and spread of technology will make it possible for students living in remote areas to access education and teaching and learning. The expansion of technology can lead to changes in the current education system of schools and also increase the effectiveness of learning and teaching. Technology-integrated education systems provide teachers and students with multiple learning and learning methods. Teachers in cities and villages who are keen on education, teaching and learning have introduced some innovative teaching and learning models based on mobile phones for effective education, teaching and learning. Other patriots associated with education also need to adopt these models.

Lessons Learned From Current Emergencies:

The Corona virus has opened new horizons for teaching and learning around the world, despite millions of lamentations and obstacles to education. Who have provided a new and unique concept of education, curriculum, teaching and acquisition?

Solve digital problems. Technology has the potential to achieve world-class education and improve the learning outcomes. There is an urgent need to remove economic and class barriers to access to digital systems and elements that enhance technological capabilities. Digital capabilities, the required infrastructure, and connectivity to reach the most remote and impoverished classes are essential. In today’s information age, access to technology and the Internet for everyone is no longer a sign of luxury, but a desperate need of the hour.

Curriculum Redesign:

The dilemma of teachers, students and parents in adapting to modern teaching and learning methods to meet the educational needs of students makes it clear that we need to revise our curriculum. We need to rethink. ” “Who am I and how do I relate to this universe and the people who live in it? Is a question that will help us succeed in our educational endeavors? Will prove the significance and usefulness of this question is further enhanced in this epidemic crisis where there is very little logical and conscious focus on teaching, learning, facts and information.

Disadvantages of virtual learning:

Although virtual learning is beneficial, it is by no means free of problems. According to education experts, the entire responsibility for online learning (virtual learning) falls on the students. That is why it is very important to inculcate self-discipline in them. While in the traditional way of teaching, teachers are active in the classroom to keep students focused and disciplined, in virtual learning, students have to oversee all of these things on their own. In online learning, students are unable to make social interactions and personal connections with teachers and peers, which affects their mental, physical, emotional, cognitive, social and psychological development. For online acquisition, it is very important for students to have the skills to manage time efficiently. Virtual learning gives students a lot of freedom and choice. There are no teachers in the classroom to keep a close eye on them.

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