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“Training” More Important For “New Generation” Than Education

It is the job of both the mother and the father to train the child, the mother informs her child about the ups and downs of the world.

Thus, everyone in the world says that education is necessary for human beings. Yes, it is true that there is a big difference between educated and uneducated people, but if a person is educated. He gets big degrees, but he is trained in such a way that he does not respect his parents and elders. Nor does it treat the little ones well.

What new Skills will Training Professionals Need to be Successful?

There is no doubt that good education is very important for everyone’s life. We all know that education is the key to progress. It is true that we have a good education as well as training from childhood to adulthood. So our life becomes brighter, and we are called successful people. Along with education, one’s character should also be good. The beauty of human character that does not decline. Today we see where our society has come from. It is the job of both mother and father to train the child. It is said that the child begins to receive training in the mother’s lap.

The Challenges And Opportunities Of Learning:

The mother informs her child about the ups and downs of the world. And teaches children how to respect their elders and elders and to live with distinction. In the same way, it is the duty of the father to educate his children as well as to give them good training. So that he can earn a good name in the world and religion. Swearing at someone, getting angry, being rude, arguing, being arrogant is all the result of wrong training. A highly educated and trained man is always on the path of progress, and everyone looks at him with respect, and he is very successful in life. Humanity is a great treasure. Look for it in man, not in clothes.

Parents Should Teach Their Children Religion Along With The World:

It’s not just about your family, it’s about people living in someone’s neighborhood. Those who are backward in terms of religious education and training and practical and moral conditions, then it is the responsibility of other people, to think about their education and training and their improvement. If they fail to do so, they will be punished.

Our situation today is that in order to please our children and grandchildren, they think that their career should be good, their income should be good and they should have a place in society.

Because of all these deeds, he did not teach them the religion and did not teach them the religion and angered Allah Almighty. See for yourself today in society how children are disobeying their parents and torment for parents. The reason for this is that their parents have set them free in an atheistic environment in which there is no room for the honor and dignity of the parents. Now if he decides according to his own desires, then the parents are crying. This is actually the result of their own education and training.

Be A Good Person Along With Education:

Modern sciences are necessary, as well as the importance of religious education. At the same time, moral education is essential for man’s friendship with humanity. Due to this teaching, feelings of piety, worship, love, sincerity, selflessness, service to the people, loyalty, and compassion are created in life. A person who has the education, but does not know how to treat his parents, siblings and the people of the world well and his training is not good, then he has no importance in the world.

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