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We Are Educated, Why Not Developed?

It is one hundred percent true that man is known in society for his knowledge and skills. But the real basis of man’s identity is not his knowledge and art at all. On the contrary, his morals and character are very important. Man’s true greatness is determined by his actions, his way of life, and his actions. If he has dozens of degrees of knowledge. But if his morals, character, manners, habits, and other aspects of life are not correct, then it is meaningless for such a person to attain the highest position of knowledge and art.

We Don’t Know Where Our Eastern Civilization And Traditions Are Buried:

Despite acquiring knowledge and skills, he is plunging into the blind well of frustration. An example of this is a person who stands by a spring and tries to quench his thirst. But it is unfortunate that his thirst is not quenched. It is said that as man progresses his intellect and consciousness. The doors of knowledge and awareness open on it, and the world collapses and follows in its footsteps.

To be sure, today’s era is at the peak of development, and the world is developing further. More than one thing is being invented in every field. There are so many luxuries in our lives that the intellect is amazed. But here the question arises, why we are not being educated as well as developed. But we are so far behind in terms of ethics. We are even falling into the deep ravines of decline. Corruption, bribery, hypocrisy, and lies are found in everything in the country, which is licking the roots of society like termites.

Morality and Character:

Our masters of these abilities are sitting in the houses of authority, and even within us, morality remains in name only. We had no respect for elders, no feeling. As if we forgot the concept of honesty. We no longer remember the difference between halal and haraam. That is why there is moral bankruptcy in our world. We don’t know where our Eastern civilizations and traditions that we used to call Amin were buried. That morality and character are now barely visible among the people. The fact is that we are so far removed from our own civilization that we cannot believe that we can be so poor morally. In other words, why don’t we see a ray of light in the darkness of rudeness around us? While education and development teach man literature and etiquette, but looking at us, it is not clear that we once had values ​​in our hands. Rudeness is spreading like a plague in our society, and this situation does not seem to be remedied.

Mother of Evils:

The fact is that corruption is rampant in most of our institutions. Corruption is also called the mother of evils or the root of evils, and it is as clear as day that corruption has always played a central role in the destruction of any nation. The word corruption is taken with dislike in every society, every country, and every language. Corruption, immorality, and malpractice, all these moral evils take the form of a terrible disease that can lead any society to social death and the society which is afflicted with these diseases. It is difficult to save it from ruin. These are the moral evils that engulf society as a whole.

Reason of Development:

One of our misfortunes is that we have a law, but it is not visible. There is a separate law for the poor and a separate law for the rich. If we look at any developed country in the world today, it will be very well understood that the biggest reason for their development and prosperity is respect for the law. But these things are extinct in our society. Everyone obeys customs, but respect for the law is the responsibility of everyone in society, and the law is the same for everyone. Whether it belongs to the rich or the poor. All our morals have been blown away by the West, and we are imitating them.

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