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Education Of Dull-Minded Children Is A Problem

Every parent wants their child to be able to read and write. But does every child fulfill the wishes of their parents? Not, some children get good results with the slightest attention. But there are some children who are lagging behind in reading and writing despite getting good schooling and tuition. If special attention is paid to such children, they can achieve better results like other intelligent children.

What Causes a Child to be a Slow Learner?

It has been commonly observed that instead of paying special attention to dull-minded children, their parents or their teachers give them various titles. For example, this child is careless, he doesn’t know where his attention is all the time, by the way, he is better, he also complains about others, he is not behind anyone in sports, and he keeps on fighting. But while studying, I don’t know what happens to him.

Sometimes the mother is seen repeating the phrase in front of her other relatives or friends of the child, that she has cut off our noses, now if you fail, remember I will not take you to my aunt. Look at the shame, your so-and-so friend has passed with such good marks, and you are one, you idiot, you idiot, when will you finally come to your senses, and so on and so forth.

What are the Negative effects of School and home?

Teachers or parents who say such things may think that reprimanding their child in this way will have some effect, and will distract them from their studies. But this is all their delusion. These things have a negative effect on the child’s personality. He becomes emotional and insecure. Within him the negative faculties begin to unfold from various angles, he becomes lonely. It causes irritability. Such children were often found repeating the words, “Yes, yes!” I’m bad, God willing, I’ll die. ”

If your child has any of the above, don’t blame your child. Rational consciousness has nothing to do with this state of mind. The only fault is that he can’t do what you want, despite all the thought and effort, the inability to learn in such a child naturally becomes a hindrance, and what is naturally lacking in the child. Be. This blessing can be obtained in various ways.

I had a meeting with the parents of the children in New York, in which the term “learning difficulties” came up, which was related to these children. They had the same mental abilities as normal children, but they had temporary and minor difficulty in memorizing their lessons.

Here are some common types of learning difficulties in children:

  • Difficulty remembering
  • Difficulty understanding
  • Difficulty spelling
  • Difficulty solving an educational problem on your own
  • Difficulty understanding in the right way despite repeated reading or carrying a book.
If these symptoms are apparently found in a healthy and normal child, then such parents should take the following precautions in their dealings with these children:
  • Do not compare such children with any other child.
  • Don’t scold your child all the time.
  • Don’t be sarcastic or hateful about them, and don’t ignore their personality in particular.

With a little attention, your child, whom you consider dull-witted, can perform as well as any other child. So you should, without wasting time, show it to a good psychologist and consult a pious, experienced elder or scholar and mufti. After proper diagnosis, the child’s learning difficulties can be reduced, if not eliminated, with the help of special techniques, and your child will also be able to complete the learning process in a thorough manner. Or look! The child we mentioned above deserves special attention. If you are busy, give up the busyness and pay special attention to it, it is your religious and social duty.

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