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The Rise And Fall Of Success

One of the dignitaries gave me some books from his library. One of these books was written by Abid Hassan Manto. As I was reading this book, my mind was thinking of a Greek philosopher named Socrates, who in his time was called a pornographer, a pervert of the new generation. Today translations of his books are read in many countries. But he was the most unsuccessful person in his life. Forced by his failures, he eventually committed suicide by drinking poison. Manto also failed in his life, he did not commit suicide but all his life he was tried in the courts. But time proved that Socrates was a great man, so the writers also call Manto a great man.

The purpose of my introduction is to make it clear that self-recognition is the key to success.

Edwin C. Bliss, an English writer, writes that success is not the name of the absence of failures. The goal of success is to achieve your ultimate goal. It means victory in war, but not in every war

To understand Edwin’s point, look at the history of the conquest of India by Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni (971-1030). Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan once said that the loser is the one who admits defeat and the great scholars and authors of books can praise success, the common man does not know what success is. But usually, a big house, a long ride, a beautiful partner and a long bank balance are called success. Some people call a happy life and peace and contentment success. A King of England, Everest III (1894-1972) succeeded in gaining his girlfriend and leaving the throne. Sheikh Abdul Qadir of Gilan (1077-1166) succeeded in acquiring knowledge and left home to acquire knowledge.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people

  • Have a complete definition and map of success in your mind and
  • Keep in mind the time frame for reaching the destination of success.

Once you have determined these two things, start moving towards your destination with the belief that you have to succeed. Stay tuned, as long as you continue your progress. There will be difficulties along the way. You will also have to deal with failures, but in the end, success will kiss your steps. The Creator is the interpretation of man, man gets what he strives for.

Completing One Important Task Daily

If you plan to go for a walk in the morning, exercise, skip breakfast, or do some other important work last night, do your best. Believe me, when you finish your first job, you get excited. There will be a beautiful feeling of getting the job done. Which will have a huge impact on the rest of the day. You will feel inner happiness when you complete even a small task well. You’ll be glad you finally took the first step.

Doing More Or Less Than Before

When we complete our assigned tasks. So it may be that the same routine bores you. To avoid this, you have to do your job differently. Like changing lanes, going to a new place for a walk or exercise, etc. If you have 5 tasks to do in a day, do 3 or do 6 to get more excited and feel inner happiness, that before I used to do only that, and today I have done more than that.

Writing And Deleting Your Important Work In Writing

When you write down your important tasks, goals, it means that you have taken the first step towards action. Writing where you not only get a motivation to act. It also signals to your brain that you have to perform these tasks in any case and that you complete the tasks in the best way possible by taking turns. So your mind gets the joy of completion, which creates a positive excitement inside you, which keeps you moving in the best way possible on your journey.

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