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The Role Of Teachers In Building Society

The teacher is the source of knowledge. The role of teachers is important in the development of nations. No one has ever denied the role of the teacher in the construction of humanity and scientific evolution. From the very beginning, the teacher has been central to the education system. Teachers are valued for the development of the new generation, the well-being of society, the development of the spirit of humanity, and the training of individuals.

The Duty Of A Teacher

The teacher is as busy in training his students as a gardener is in caring for his plants every hour. Teaching is a profession that has a prominent place not only in Islam but in every religion and society in the world. The Master is indeed great and benevolent to mankind. Out of all the hard work, the most valuable work is the work of the teachers of the country. The duty of a teacher is more difficult and important than all other duties. Because the key to all kinds of moral, cultural, and religious virtues is in his hands, and the source of all kinds of development is his hard work. ”In a society where a mother’s embrace is the child’s first school.

The Status Of A Spiritual Father

The ideal mother is given priority over a thousand teachers. On the other hand, a teacher has been given the status of a spiritual father because of his power to make the whole universe a school for the child. While the father teaches the child to hold his finger, the teacher urges the child to always move forward in life. Someone asked Alexander the Great why he respected his teacher so much. Alexander the Great said that his parents brought him down from heaven to earth. When the teacher takes him from the earth to the heights of the heavens. Ptolemy describes the glory of a teacher as follows: “One hour of conversation with a teacher is worth ten years of study.”

Other Aspects Of Teaching Relate To Life

All the professions of life are born from the womb of professional teaching. Any field of life is it judiciary, army, politics, bureaucracy, health, culture, education, or journalism all reflect the abilities of a teacher. If there are justice, balance, and harmony in these areas, then it is a reflection of the teachings of good teachers, and if there is any flaw in the teachings of teachers and any element against dignity and humanity, then that society is corrupt, corrupt. The teacher has been given the title of Architect of the Nation for his key role in building a just society. The teacher is the guardian of the good values ​​of the society as well as the means of transmitting these values ​​to the coming generations..

Role of Teacher in Our Society

The teacher must be given a place in society because of his or her role as a person. Due to the payment of social services, the society should not only provide a high and prominent position to the teacher. Also, keep his literature and respect in mind at all times. The importance of the teacher in every society and religion requires teachers to present themselves as a role model. Imam Yusuf was asked by his dear disciple Imam Yusuf, “How is a teacher?” He said, “Look carefully when the teacher is teaching the children. If he is teaching as if he is teaching his children, then he is a teacher. If he is teaching the children of the people, then he is not a teacher.” In the light of this statement of Azam, if teachers are examined, then the dominance of materialism in the society will be clear to us.

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