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Brown living room ideas – beautiful schemes that work with leather sofas and more


Brown is back. Not since the 1990s have shades of tan, taupe, burlap and bronze been so en vogue, their renewed popularity cemented when Dulux named Spiced Honey as its Colour of the Year 2019.

Brown is the perfect choice for a living room, warm and cosy, its varied shades can be layered together or injected with contrasting shades such as teal or blush pink or green.

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And, of course, brown tones blend seamlessly with natural materials such as wood and leather. So if you’ve got a living room with wooden floorboards, or have your eyes on a tan sofa, it’s a choice that’s easy to work with.

Read on for more of our brown living room ideas.

1. Combine golden brown with pale mint green


Image credit: Dulux

In this space, Dulux has combined its consecutive Colours of the Year – the caramel-beige Spiced Honey and minty-sage Tranquil Dawn. The result is both cosy and fresh, soothing and strong.

2. Let white features pop with honey brown

Dulux colour of the year 2019

Image credit: Dulux

Brighten up your whites by placing them against a backdrop of warm brown. In this living room, Spiced Honey gives a strong definition to the skirting and door frames, as well as the simple structured white sofa and monochrome prints ready to be hung on the walls.

3. Embrace country living with burlap

Texture is everything in this rustic living room, from the burlap-coloured wallpaper to the tweed sofa to the chunky wooden mantel. Hints of red and orange add heat to the more neutral brown tones.

4. Sink into brown velvet

Choosing a luxe fabric like velvet in an earthy colour like brown gives a living room a smart yet not too stuffy look. Expand on this further by mixing in shabby chic painted wooden pieces with chic grey accessories.

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5. Mix sandy browns with blush pink

Fresh sandy browns can look so pretty with soft candy pinks, and by choosing a soft brown sofa, you can use it to tie together furniture in different wood finishes.

6. Play to your room’s features

Timber cladding needn’t scream Swedish sauna. By breaking up this brown backdrop with a cream sofa laden with country textiles featuring trailing florals and stripes, and painting the walls white, the walls add warmth and character without overwhelming.

7. Use a tan sofa to add character

A coppery brown sofa can transform a living room lacking in features, its rugged looks tipping a hat to American Colonial interiors, particularly when teamed with bold Ikat prints.

8. Stay sophisticated with taupe

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Can’t decide between brown and grey? Taupe brings the best of both – a neutral backdrop that is warmer than grey, but that can also blend with it.

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