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Is your washing machine a fire risk? Whirlpool has recalled half a million faulty appliances


Half a million Whirlpool washing machines are being recalled in the UK as they are found to be unsafe.

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It is the one time of year that you don’t want to be without a washing machine. The whole family is staying, kids are home from University and every day brings a new mulled wine or cranberry sauce stain.

However, many households in the UK with a Whirlpool washing machine will be facing a festive season without being able to do a wash.

Whirlpool washing machine recall

Whirlpool washing machines, branded as Hotpoint or Indesit,  have been found to have a flaw in their door locking system. The flaw found in machines sold over the last five years  can cause the washing machine to overheat, leading to a risk of fire.

whirlpool washing machine

Image credit: Colin Poole

Seventy-nine fires are believed to have been caused by the faulty Whirlpool washing machines. It is the extra current that runs through the machine when the heating element is on and the door is locked causing the machines to overheat.

Up to 519,000 Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines sold in the UK since 2014 are affected by the fault. If you think you own one of the faulty machines you can check on the model checker Whirlpool has set up. You can also call the free hotline 0800 316 1442.

However, customers have reported difficulties going through these channels. If you find your machine is affected Whirlpool is advising that you unplug the washing machine and not use it until it can be repaired by a trained engineer.

whirlpool washing machine

Image credit: Sussie Bell

Repairs and replacements will be in early January. This means many owners could be without a washing machine this Christmas. If you can’t be without your washing machine, Whirlpool has suggested that owners could still use the machine on a cold wash cycle.

Running the machine at 20 degrees or less should avoid activating the heating element and would greatly reduce the risk of a fire.

‘We know this will cause some concern,’ Jeff Noel, vice president of Whirlpool told the BBC. ‘We especially understand that the washing machine is so important to family life, and in the Christmas holiday season it will be even more of an important matter and, for that, we apologise.’

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Have you been affected by the Whirlpool washing machine recall?

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