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Kitchen trends 2020 – the latest kitchen design trends and ideas for the new year


Looking to update your Kitchen once the joy of Christmas is past? Join the thousands of us with a new year makeover on our minds.

Perhaps you’d love an island, or a bigger cooker, or a whole new colour scheme. Or perhaps you only know what you really don’t want and are after some inspiration? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve asked our friends at leading retailers for their thoughts on the biggest kitchen trends set to dominate 2020. Plus, we’ve thrown in a few hot trends of our own.

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Kitchen Trends 2020

1. Two-toned kitchens

kitchen trends for 2020

Image credit: Optiplan Kitchens, Dorchester collection starts from £5,708

Forget matchy-matchy, kitchens are becoming more blended as we enter a new decade. ‘The trend for combining two colours throughout kitchen cabinetry is set to soar in 2020,’ says Andy Briggs, interior designer for Optiplan Kitchens. ‘It’s a great approach to adding an interesting twist to your aesthetic and it can change the whole feel of the room. Opt for deep, dark units and contrast with brighter shades elsewhere in order to add depth and character to the space.’

The trend extends beyond just a contrasting paint colour on the walls. From the cabinets to the worktops, it gives you the freedom to explore different design elements. Andy goes on to say, ‘You can play around with rich textures such as wood grains, matt finishes or sleek laminate’. Using them juxtaposition creates instant interest.

2. Smart storage

kitchen trends

Image credit: Somerton in Baltic Green, from £15,000, Kitchen Makers

In a time when we strive to declutter to for our overall wellbeing, with thanks to Marie Kondo, storage is key. Especially in kitchens where we need so many ‘things’, from the ingredients to the cooking equipment in which to make meals. Well-placed, concealed storage is a savour for the aesthetic of our kitchens.

‘One of the most desired design features will be the kitchen larder’, informs Ben Burbidge from Kitchen Makers.

3. Calming colour schemes

Image credit: Optiplan Kitchens, Stratford collection starts from £6,564

While the colour green is still hugely popular for cabinets going forward, we’re also seeing penchant for serene colour schemes.

‘Give your kitchen a new lease of life by reinvigorating it with gentle, soft colours’ suggests Andy Briggs, interior designer at Optiplan Kitchens. ‘Introducing calming qualities to the home will be key in 2020 and notes of dusky pink, soft grey and sage green will bring a refreshing feel.

Soft paint shades, such as Tranquil Dawn, Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2020, will create a sense of calm in even the busiest of kitchens.

4. Statement taps

kitchen trends

Image credit: Wren Kitchens

No kitchen is complete without them, so it’s high time we let them shine!

‘Brass, industrial-looking taps with unusual handles and interesting features are a great way to draw the eye and compliment the space,’ suggests Darren Watts, Design Director at Wren Kitchens. He goes on to suggest how to keep the look streamlined, ‘pair with similar finishes for cupboard and draw grips to keep a consistent style.’

5. Concealed appliances

Image credit: Kitchen Makers

While there will be an abundance of tech and new gadgets in our kitchens in 2020, we don’t want to necessarily see them.

‘The appetite for discreet storage is expected to grow,’ says Ben Burbidge from Kitchen Makers. ‘Homeowners are scrutinising the aesthetic of the appliances they are integrating into their kitchens and so concealment solutions, that create a streamlined finish without impacting the style, are a key consideration.’

Kitchen trends 2020

Image credit: Higham Furniture

So how can we have the latest alliances without them taking over our kitchens? Ben advises, ‘Concealing these appliances can take the form of simple cabinetry to hide a fridge or dishwasher. Or a storage design that minimises counter top small appliances. A hidden station, which keeps the kettle and toaster from cluttering the worktop, and helps to create a dedicated area to sit and enjoy breakfast will be popular in 2020.’ A tea and toast station – sounds good to us.

6. Living room furnishings

Kitchen trends 2020

Image credit: Blakes London

With the rising popularity of open-plan living it’s no surprise to see that living room furnishing growing in popularity in our kitchens. Now more than ever Kitchens are the heart of our homes, so creating a comfortable well presented space has never been more important.

Image credit: Pooky, Quintet Pendant in brushed gold, £280

Lighting has more freedom within the modern kitchen. With statement pendants being used to dressed  the aesthetic more and more. While the use of spotlights or down-lights are still key, there’s a trend for making the kitchen feel more like our living rooms – lighting plays a key role in this.

‘Our Quinlet is the latest addition to join our pendant family. It delicate, non-intrusive design gives customers an alternative style for statement kitchen lighting, ‘ say Rohan Blacker, founder at Pooky. ‘It moves away from the individual pendants more commonly used in kitchens and dining spaces.’

7. Bold as brass finishes


Image credit: Harvey Jones, Shaker Kitchen, prices from £20,000

We’re seeing more and more warming tones of brass in modern kitchens. Brass is the ideal shade for enhancing on-trend blues and green cabinetry, while adding a sophisticated touch. ‘Ironmongery can elevate the style of a kitchen and create an interesting feature’ according to the experts at Harvey Jones.

Often overlooked, attractive taps, hinges, knobs and handles can really transform a kitchen design. It’s the finishing touches that can make or break a scheme.

8. Ladders are on the up

kitchen trends

Image credit: Blakes London

This trend is on the rise. ‘Ladders are having a resurgence, making a striking and practical addition to traditional style kitchens.’ explains Jamie Blake, the Founder of Blakes London. The use of ladders is especially popular in properties where rooms that wouldn’t traditionally have been used as a kitchen are re-purposed.

Steps and ladders allow every inch of wall space to be used for cabinetry and smart kitchen storage, especially handy in kitchens with high ceilings. This applies for any ladder, no matter how big or small your kitchen space – if you need to reach new levels do so with this on-trend kitchen accessory.

9. Modern twists on tradition

kitchen trends - navy shaker style at Homebase

Image credit: Homebase, Classic Shaker kitchen in Navy

While traditional styles remain popular, such as Shaker-style cabinetry, the way to do traditional for 2020 is in a modern on-trend colour. This is exactly what Homebase have done with the brand new Classic Shaker kitchen, seen here looking striking in a brooding shade of navy.

Choose traditional designs but opt for a statement contemporary colour to give kitchens a modern twist.

10. Industrial style

Image credit: Wren Kitchens

‘In kitchen design, the use of raw materials which are rich in tones and texture will definitely continue to rise in popularity for 2020,’ explains Darren Watts, Design Director at Wren Kitchens Showroom.

‘The Metallic Amber, Gold and Rust alongside Copper Slate and Italian Concrete offer a unique aesthetic which is proving exceptionally popular for that on trend industrial look.’

11. Green cabinetry and accessories


Image credit: Magnet

In recent years it’s all been about navy, but expect to see more green in kitchens going forward. It could be in the form of accents, like this wallpaper – palm fronds and botanicals are to 2019/20 what florals were to the mid-Noughties.

However, it’s increasingly likely to take the form of tiles and cabinetry, in tones of emerald and forest green.

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The trend for bold dark hues was prominent throughout 2018, and as we move in to 2019, green kitchen cabinetry is set to be a new, key style,’ says Hayley Simmons, Head of Merchandising for Magnet. ‘Green can be equally dramatic and luxurious when used in the kitchen, and new for 2019, Magnet has launched two debut Magnet Create finishes in varying hues of the contemporary colour: Green Olives and Forest Walk.’

‘Deep forest greens can be balanced out with latte shades, smoky glass and soft metallics to bring opulence to the kitchen. The addition of white marble and brass through design aspects like lighting and worktops, or even accessories, help to bounce the light around the space and offset the heavier hues.’

12. Vibrant accents


Image credit: Colin Poole

They may need to be functional by designs, but that doesn’t mean our kitchens can’t be fun. In 2019, some are taking a more lighthearted approach by introducing primary hues and quirky finds. Above, a tiled splashback and mismatched chairs in different colourways add interest, while blue walls anchor the look.

13. Dining islands


Image credit: LochAnna Kitchens

We all know that islands and breakfast bars can provide a spot for casual dining, as well as workspace and storage. However, Paul Jenkinson of LochAnna Kitchens sees this trend reaching a whole new level with dining islands.

‘This is where the kitchen island features an extension island dining area meaning you get the storage benefits of an island but also the addition of integrated dining,’ he explains. ‘When entertaining, we want to be able to integrate both cooking and socialising and what better way to do so than with built-in island seating.’

‘With our new FORM collection we have introduced an industrial breakfast bar leg to help simplify the application, making it even easier to achieve your dream kitchen layout,’ Jenkinson adds.

14. 1970s retro revival


Image credit: TI-Media

This is a look you’ll see in tiles as much as anything, and reflects a wider return to 70s trends within the home.

If this floats your retro boat, a mix of The Winchester Tile Company’s Olive Green, Honey and Amber field tiles could work for you.


Image credit: Lizzie Orme

Alternatively, try retro-patterned wallpaper and fabrics with bold, oversized prints for a real throwback! Give white cabinets a retro update with dark wood handles. Don’t be afraid to mix units styles, either. Add colour with splashes of mustard yellow and avocado green and choose kitchenalia in classic 1970s shapes.

15. Statement floors


Image credit: Topps Tiles

The trick here is to let the floor do all the talking – and keep everything else relatively minimal. A modern kitchen like this can be styled with handle-free cabinetry in one of the greyscale tones that feature in the tiles. Avoid wall cabinets – use open shelves instead – and top any base units with a sleek white work surface in a hardwearing composite.

Statement tiles can be extremely effective if zoning an open-plan kitchen. Here, they sit beautifully against wooden planks that bring warmth to the bright space.

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16. Broken-plan kitchens


Image credit: Hub Kitchens, The Cut kitchen by Record eCucine starts from £40,000

Open-plan kitchens have revolutionised the way we cook and entertain, but they do have their niggles. For a start, where do you hide all the dirty pots and pans from dinner guests? So if you’re after a little more privacy, broken plan might be for you.

The concept is simple – take an open-plan design but add in a freestanding shelf unit or raised breakfast bar to create separation without the need for a full-on wall.

‘This more zoned approach is an evolution of open-planned living and allows for a more sociable experience for everyone,’ says Daniele Brutto, co-founder of Hub Kitchens.

17. Grid tiling


Image credit: Topps Tiles

Rectangular ‘metro’ tiles have been the go-to for kitchens in the last few years. But is their reign about to come to an end? Square tiles laid in a grid formation – usually with a much darker grout – look modern and striking, particularly in white. For glamour, you could try edging the tiles in gold, as seen above. Or give things a Scandi feel by echoing the look in kitchenware, below.

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18. Raw versus sleek


Image credit: Hillarys

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The raw beauty of flawed finishes and natural materials was one of THE interiors themes of 2019. Smartened up with luxe additions for a more grown-up look. Nail the trend by pairing immaculate matt units with chunky wooden worktops, or by introducing shabby chic accent furniture to a glossy kitchen. If you don’t want to go for a full-on makeover, even artisan pottery or fabrics influenced by nature will do the trick.

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